Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working on my art addiction........

Isn't it funny how time can just slip up on you? I have been so totally immersed in making mail art that I haven't even thought about any other kind of art, this week. I've only spent one day in the studio where my pastels are laid out, and I have works on two easels there, in various stages of progress. Scurry in and scurry out has been the order of the day!

My little mail art operation has taken over another space and it's getting out of hand. I really must make up some packets of things I just don't use and send them out into the mail art community. I'm trying daily to organize as I go along and will be filling some baggies with excess, to share. Believe me when I say I need the space. I like to paint flat and big when I work with paper!

Even though it's only been a couple of weeks and so far it's been all outgoing mail. I await in anticipation of the arrival of mail, from far away places. The only interesting mail I have received is the arrival of vintage stamps, but they are oh so fun! And to make it even more fun, the envelopes have been stamped with more vintage stamps.

Meanwhile, I have been doing lots of mixed media work and loving every minute of it. My mail art IS ART; little miniatures of the kind of work I like to do. It's also a great way to recycle older works, into something new. It's been exciting reworking pieces of work, by adding more paper, paint, new elements, etc. I've used so many of my hand painted papers that I need to spend a day painting new ones.

So, it's off to the post office this morning with a fistful of mail; heading to foreign lands. The piece above is heading to Greece! Oh what fun making art, of any kind is!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crossing the pond

Boy it has been fun working in mixed media again! I had not done any mixed media in ever so long, but I still have access tons of interesting "found items", hand painted papers and other collage goodies to use. This piece started out as a larger piece and I was able to cut 4 cards from it. It's very reminiscent of a week long, Ann Baldwin, workshop that I attended in 2005, Sedona, AZ. Now I have taken many workshops in various media over the years, but I have to say that Ann's workshop was one of the best I have ever attended.

Since then there have been so many new products introduced and I have added more items to my mixed media arsenal. Mail art just cries out for this medium.

This piece is going to Andy's REAL wall over @ mailart365, one piece went to a gentleman in the UK that has an awesome web site with a Morse Code Translator. The other two have already been mailed to a couple of my local artist friends.

I'm looking forward to more mail art and the challenge of balancing my art interests with it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks for the fruitcake!

A special thank you to Golden Artist Color's for the fruitcake they sent me during the holidays.

I've purchased experimental mediums from them in the past and they produce the BEST art mediums. I have used their acrylic paint for years, but it was a workshop in 2005, Sedona, AZ, with Ann Baldwin, that introduced me to the fluid color line and the mediums Golden makes.

Thank you Golden for being there for the artistic community. This is #6 in the Mailart365 challenge.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of the happiest days of my life!

I thought that it was an appropriate tribute to my parents, to post this photo today, on my mother's birthday. The roll top desk was a miniature made especially for children and I loved it! Only wish I had it today to organize my mail art in the wonderful little slots it had. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

My parents left this world long ago, but they are never forgotten. Seriously, they would be happy to know that I just joined Mailart365. Artistic endeavours were always encouraged by them both. Thanks Mama & Daddy. You were just the best! I wish you could have been in the world a little longer.

Nocturne study

This month I have been working on studying the Nocturne painting. This photo was gleaned from the Wet Canvas reference library. Thank you lisilk for the great photo. The whole process for this painting has been a first for me. I used Canson paper, the smooth side, Orchid color, 9 x 12. Working with pastels and no tooth has been a good learning experience. I started with a charcoal sketch and followed it with hard pastels, graduating to medium and soft.
I did find that I quickly filled the paper with pastel until it screamed at me "please no more". So I found myself with an unfinished painting, but I did learn a lot from the experience. My next Nocturne will be on larger paper, so I can capture more detail where needed. It's a bit of a challenge to include figures and not be able to refine the image I am going for. The colors also need refining (less purple).
Another try with a larger piece on Canson will be my next step. If I am not happy after that, I will move on to a more familiar paper with some tooth. I was just trying some new techniques before some up coming workshops. This is essentially unfinished and will remain so. It won't accept another iota of pastel!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wishing for warmer weather

I wish I could say spring is here but I know there is still more winter ahead. The groundhog did say we can expect an early spring though. This painting is from the December Wet Canvas Spotlight. I've been a bit busy and am just getting around to posting it.