Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lesson learned

It has been one of THOSE days. The first part of the day was spent framing a pastel painting, for my daughter in law, and although the outcome was successful, the process wasn't. I did learn that I could have saved myself time and grief, by attaching all of the hardware "BEFORE" adding the frame spacers, glass and artwork. I had to open it back up, clean the glass and close it all up an extra time. However.... I did learn from the experience and now thinking back on it, I remember reading somewhere there is an easier way.

So after my framing task was finished, I was feeling better and headed up to the Post Office. I wanted to check my new PO Box and drop off more outgoing mail. It was bittersweet when I opened my PO Box. A piece of Mail-Art (one I especially loved) that was returned in pieces. That was the sad part. The great part was PostMuse sent me a card that made me smile. :-) Please check the IOUMA site for the details and photo of her card.

I had hoped to have time to write about some of the processes, I am using to make my Mail-Art, but I am short on time today. The lesson learned at the PO today though was that I should not try to use Multi Media Art Board as a substrate, for a postcard, with other hard layers. You can see from the photo, the piece I attached to the front was most likely the culprit that caused the postal mishap. It was all too stiff and just ripped apart. Others have gone through the system without any mishaps though.

Those are my lessons for the day.