Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nocturne study

This month I have been working on studying the Nocturne painting. This photo was gleaned from the Wet Canvas reference library. Thank you lisilk for the great photo. The whole process for this painting has been a first for me. I used Canson paper, the smooth side, Orchid color, 9 x 12. Working with pastels and no tooth has been a good learning experience. I started with a charcoal sketch and followed it with hard pastels, graduating to medium and soft.
I did find that I quickly filled the paper with pastel until it screamed at me "please no more". So I found myself with an unfinished painting, but I did learn a lot from the experience. My next Nocturne will be on larger paper, so I can capture more detail where needed. It's a bit of a challenge to include figures and not be able to refine the image I am going for. The colors also need refining (less purple).
Another try with a larger piece on Canson will be my next step. If I am not happy after that, I will move on to a more familiar paper with some tooth. I was just trying some new techniques before some up coming workshops. This is essentially unfinished and will remain so. It won't accept another iota of pastel!

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