Thursday, September 9, 2010

In search of the perfect place

September's Virtual Paintout is on Manhattan Island and I have spent the past few days looking around for just the right spot to paint. There is so much to see that I have forgotten a few times just why I am dragging that little Google guy around. NYC always amazes me with those wonderful, endless canyons of tall buildings.

I finally choose my first location and I am moving along quite well. If only I could figure how to get my selected scene from Google and into my photo editor, I would be happy. I have not had time to figure that part out yet. So the temporary solution is not so different than if I were actually painting on location. I simply do a thumbnail sketch. Usually my thumbnail sketch is just for me to decide where key elements will be placed. In the case of Manhattan, it's what can I simplify, or reasonably leave out, and still come away happy. I want to capture the vibrancy of city life without the painting being too busy. That is not an easy task.

This time I have given my thumbnail a new twist. I did it using my iPad, then e mailed it to myself and printed it out, as a reference. Although I have several art applications on the iPad, the one that I choose to use, for this task, was the simplest of all. It is called Color & Draw, a Tipitap Application. This latest application is for my favorite 3 year old to use, when she stops by, but I really like the drawing part of it. I doubt that I will color and the color choices are very limited, but I did use color in my sketch. As it turns out, it was very helpful to have a second reference. I am hoping to finish it up soon and I will post it then.

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