Thursday, September 16, 2010

Somewhere on Broadway

Here is my latest contribution submitted to the Virtual Paint Out.

Broadway Food Vendors, Soft Pastel 9 1/2 x 6 1/4, Sue Bowen

I have really been enjoying the pastel paintings, as a nice change of pace. This painting ended up being cropped a bit, at the top. Adjusting the size, after the fact is one of the luxuries of working in pastel, or on paper, versus an oil painting on a panel; which is how I usually paint.

There are a few disadvantages though, for me, as an artist, and the use of pastels at real paint outs. The largest obstacle for me is the framing and the abbreviated time, to deliver the finished product, to the "wet painting sale". The sale and shows are normally held within a couple of hours after a paint out ends. Typically, the artists deliver their work framed and ready to hang; although the oil paintings are still wet. There is usually a reception and the public is invited to the show. They have the advantage of checking out the latest art and purchase a piece of art work "hot off the easel". Often, they may have stopped by and watched you paint some it.

Oil and acrylic paintings are much easier to place in a prepared framed. I'm not experienced enough with the framing issues of pastels, to frame them myself, on location that is. I always like to deliver my best efforts, so it may be a while before I take soft pastels to a real paint out.

One paint out I will especially miss this year, is the Out And About Paint Out, held in Norfolk, VA. It's an awesome experience, unbelievable art and, and out right good time. The event was founded by a local artist, Karen Kinser. I'm placing a link under my favorites, so please check it out. It's an event that is well worth your time.

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