Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Balloon Saloon

Balloon Saloon, 9 1/2 x 7 3/4, Pastel on La Carte Paper

Here is my latest contribution to the Virtual Paintout, for September. This months paint out location is Manhattan and it's been fun poking around the city. It's also been an opportunity to have some people in my paintings. I have always liked the urban feel of some art work and I'm delighted to have an opportunity to develop some of that feeling in mine.

Most of my training, experience, and skill has been with oil painting; although I dabble in other mediums. I have recently taken a fancy to pastels though, and I plan to attend the IAPS convention, in New Mexico next year. The reservations have been made and classes have been signed up for. I hear it's a great opportunity to mingle with other pastel artists and study with very skilled pastel artists. It is supposed to be a very exciting event.

I have another project waiting in the wings and I need to get started on it. The project I am getting ready to start will be a little different than the paint out. Actually MORE than a little different! It is going to be an abstract painting, for a Swap-Bot Challenge. This challenge starts with 3 random colors (I draw from my crayon box) and I can also use one of my choosing. I must then create an abstract painting using only those 4 colors.

Well.....I really lucked out with the colors (can't say what they are yet, in case my partner looks in on my blog), so I know I can make a nice painting. I will tell you it will be a square and I have already designed it on my iPAD. When it's finished and has been mailed off to my partner, I will post it. I don't want to spoil her surprise.

Until then, I hope you enjoy Balloon Saloon!

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